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Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) Product

Taap Swedan Yantra (Dry Heat, Fomentation)

We have quality products in Heat Swedan Units. All our models are efficient and display quality in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) products.

Deluxe sauna cabin (for Two Persons) Prefabricated, royal wooden cabin, size 60″x72″x75″ high is suitable for 2 persons, thermally insulated ceiling & wall sections are made out of teak wood with optimum characteristic for use in high temperature and gives cosy atmosphere.

The sauna cabin is supplied with 6 Kw Stove & stove guard, Control Panel, Internal light, Rocks, Two layer Bench, Digital thermometer, Bucket & ladle. No extras are needed.

Vashap Swedan Yantra (Steam Bath Cabins / Cabinets)

We have quality products in Steam Bath Cabinet with steam generator. All our models are efficient and display quality in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) products.

Steam Cabinet (for 1 person with steam generator) A well designed sturdily built cabinet made out of water proof ply. Equipped with adjustable wooden seat and foot rest. Fitted with copper steam generator, pressure gauge indicator, steam flow valve and pilot lights. Works on electricity and requires no plumbing connection. Laminated finish outside and spray painted inside.

Dravaya Swedan Yantra (Water / Oil Bath Tables)

We have quality products in Oil Bath Tables. All our models are efficient and display quality in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) products.

Leg bath (Hot bath, Electrical) Hot, fomentation, leg bath is electricaly operated. The internal Stainless steel water tank size: 20″ x 15″ x 16″ deep is well insulated & fitted with 1000 W immersion heater, Thermostate for temprature control & aluminium cover. M.S.cover body is oven baked enamel finish.

Snehan Karma

We have quality products in Snehan Karma. All our models are efficient and display quality in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) products.

Massage cum sirodhara table Hardwood constructed with natural wood polish finish, massage table has a slanted and curved Teak-wood top for full body oil message. Table has a shelf for storage of Oil bottels and Towels etc. Head end is fitted with a stainless steel sink for oil collecting and an overhead rod with oil pot is also provided for Sirodhara.

Rehabilitation Aids

Presenting walking sticks / canes in Aluminium with anodized bright polish. All models are strong, sturdy and fitted with ‘L’ shaped handle for better grip. India Medico’s walking sticks / canes have good demand in India and also exported to countries all over the world.

Walking Cane / Walking Stick

Anodized aluminium bright polished fixed height cane. Fitted with L shape handle for better grip.

Walkers / Rollator

We have widest range of Walkers / Rollators suitable for adults, children and infants. Light weight, comfortable and mostly oven baked finished. All our models are efficient and display quality in Walking Aids.

Walker Invalid’s

Tubular steel frame mounted on 100 m.m. size ball bearing rubber castors. Height of under arm supports are adjustable from 105 c.m. to 135 c.m. Comes with detachable foam padded seat and rexine made back, for rest. Oven baked finish.


If you are looking for high quality yet economical wheelchairs, you have come to the right place…Trust India Medico Instruments for comfortable, easy to usewheelchairs which are trusted since long and known for their quality all over the world.

Wheel Chair Folding (Adult, Painted)

Frame – Tubular frame, Powder Coated finish, White. Seat – 17″ (42cm) wide, leatherette made Seat & Back (with three supporting straps under the Seat). Armrest – Fixed, with Skirt Guard & Arm-supports. Foot-rest – Fixed, with Plastic Foot Plates. Front Wheels – 4″ (10cm) dia. Casters. Rear Wheels – 24″ (60cm) dia., with Solid Tyres & Rings. Breaks – Forward Push safety Breaks. Packing – Cartoon Packing, Size 41″x 38″x 13″, One piece.


Medico’s crutches are light weight but strong. Available in wooden and aluminium models, the crutches are quality rehabilitation aids appreciated and imported by several countries in the world.

Crutches Underarm (Wooden, Adjustable) Special light weight but strong wood construction. Adjustable in height in 2.5cm increment. Fitted with foam padded under arm piece and mounted on special broad based non-slip tips. Available in three sizes, youth, adult and tall adult.

Occupational Therapy Equipment

Positioning Equipments

We have wide range of Positioning Equipments. Our equipment are in high demand in India and also exported to countries all over the world.

Relaxation Chair Teakwood and ply board constructed, naturaly finished chair reclines through an arc and can be adjusted to any desired position. Comes with adjustable foam padded headrest which can be formed & reformed as needed. High back supports & holds the child with wide belt. Laminated activity Tray size 21″x24″ with polished wooden raised edges, holds the items from falling. Adjustable seat & footboard are 12″ wide and suits the small children. Mounted on ball bearing castors.

Evaluation Systems

We have wide range of Evaluation Systems. Our equipemnt are in high demand in India and also exported to countries all over the world.

Seadiness Tester-Hole Type (ELectrical) Designed to measure an aspect of Psychomotor phenomina of steadiness. Tester provides an inexpensive means to access activity level and attention capacity. The subjects task is to hold the stylus in nine different holes of diminishing size without touching the sides or base plate. Tester is fitted with a Timer, Good score counter & Fault counter A audible tone and visual red indicator responses and provide immediate feedback of performence.

A. D. L. Training Units

We have wide range of A. D. L. Training Units. Our therapy equipment are in high demand in India and also exported to countries all over the world.

Door-Latch Frame Set The frame set provides learning opportunity and progressive development of dexterity. It has six laminated doors, opening in different directions. Each door opens into a shelf where a reward or toy can be kept. Common hardware of different designs, generally used in the home are used to familierize patient. Size of laminated unit is 26″x18″x5″ deep.

Exercise Units

We have wide range of Exercise Units which are economical and have lots of flexible features. Our equipemnt are in high demand in India and also exported to countries all over the world. Sanding Unit for Reciprocal Exercise (with Adjustable Incline).

Consists of two wooden hinged planks. Upper plank’s angle of inclination can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical position. Two pulleys are fitted at the top of 30cm wide upper plank for reciprocal hand-shoulder exercises. Three sets of sanding hand blocks with different grasp holds are provided with the unit. Sanding blocks create resistance for exercises. Unit is finished in natural wood polish.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Hydro Therapy Equipments

We have quality products in hydro therapy equipments. All our models are efficient and display quality in Physiotherapy Equipments.


  • Full body ‘T’ shape hydrotherapy tank for hydro-massage.
  • The heavy gauge stainless steel tank, rests on 40cm (16″) high tubular stand re-inforced with cross bars.
  • Overall size of the tank is 190cm(75″) x 185cm (73″) x 93cm (37″). Width of the narrow portion of the tank is 91cm (36″) and depth inside the tank is 48cm (19″).
  • Comes with Two motorized electric turbine ejectors & aerators with turbine carriages and elevators, Digital Thermometer, adjustable Head-Rest, Body Stretcher and Sitting seat fitted with nylon cloth.
  • Tank is fitted with Two water inlets, One overflow and one Drain fittings.

  Tank is finished bright inside & painted outside. Heat & Cold Therapy Equipments

We have quality products in Heat & Cold Therapy equipments. All our models are efficient and display quality in Physiotherapy Equipments.

Paraffin wax bath

Paraffin treatments are used for the Symptomatic relief of pain and stiffness due to Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscle strains or Sports Injuries. The low temperature paraffin permits the immersion of the limb directly into the wax-bath or to apply with brush. Inner size of S.S. tank: 50cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Treatment Equipments

We have quality products in Treatment Equipments. All our models are efficient and display quality in Physiotherapy Equipments. Foam rubber padded top, size 72″ x 24″, upholstered with rexine & had adjustable back rest of 18″ length which can be adjusted in height for desired position. Two drawers and one writting board is provided underneath the top.

Top is mounted on strudily built well polished hardwood legs. Total height 31″.

Suspension Aids

We have quality products in Suspension Aids. All our models are efficient and display quality in Physiotherapy Equipments.

Imico Suspension frame Tubular steel constrcution, overall sizes 210cm long x 110cm wide at the base, 50cm wide at the top and 190cm high. All welded steel rod mesh at the top for complete suspension with slings & ropes, 12 hooks are provided on each side to hold suspension gear. Mesh facilitate suspension at any desired point in relation to the patient and as required in each individual case.

Comes complete with Suspension Gear comprising 9 canvas slings (6 limb, 2 trunk & 1 head), 8 single ropes & four double pulley ropes with necessary hooks & cleats, 18 graduated springs of different tension, 12`S’hooks and 2 ankle straps.


Health care equipment offers quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications. May be used for filtration, degassing, distillation, free air displacement and any other requirements where vacuum or positive pressure needs call for pumps of high quality. Exceptionally durable for continuous or intermitent use, these pumps serve a variety of needs.

Vacuum Pumps, Single Stage DUOSEAL Belt-Driven, Welch

Pumps are ideal for continuous-duty applications, including vacuum distillations, glove box transfer chamber, residue solvent removal, and resin degassing. They feature thermal overload protection standard and operate at a low rpm which allows them to reach a low ultimate pressure (0.02 mm Hg). Operating at low speed also reduces the rate of friction and wear on pump components which ensures a long service life.

Vacuum Pumps, RV Dual-Mode, Direct Drive, BOC Edwards

These quiet, double stage vacuum pumps are designed to provide both high throughput and low ultimate vacuum. Dual-mode action allows user to easily configure the unit to pump a very high gas load or achieve an excellent vacuum, all from a single pump.

Features include a cartridge-based pumping mechanism incorporating advanced new materials, fully featured Edwards motor, and fast acting inlet valve to seal the pump for suck-back protection. Controls are clearly marked and have easy-to-use large finger grips. On/off switch controls pump. Inlet/oulet connections are NW25.

Units feature special dual voltage, dual frequency motor with an IEC main input socket. Shaft seal can be changed or repositioned without dismantling the pump. Motor voltage is determined by simple rocker switch, enabling pump to be easily configured for international use. For 115V, 50/60Hz operation.

Vacuum Pressure Pump, Gast

This readily mounted unit produces steady, quiet, pulseless air delivery. It delivers 20 psi of pressure for intermittent service alternately and 15 psi pressure for continuous service alternately.

The pump rotor is mounted on the motor shaft. Composition vanes take up their own wear automatically. Self-adjusting shaft seals prevent oil leakage. The motor is a 1/6hp split phase, with internal thermal protector, ball bearing-type. Pump is single phase, with automatic overload protection.

Vacuum Pressure Pump

This vacuum has an oil-less diaphragm pump. The motor is a single phase 1/8 hp shaded pole, ball bearing type, with internal thermal protector.

Oil-free Vacuum Pump Rocker 300/500

These Pumps are undoubtedly the BEST VALUE offered in the USA and are backed by a two-year warranty.

Quiet and Low Vibration Directly motor driven without transmission mechanism and quality rubber feet keep noise level only 48.7~60dB, which is the lowest among equivalent products.

Compact and Light Weight Aluminum die-cast and precise construction make Rocker’s family small and compact. Net/Gross Weight: 4.1/5.1kg.

Clean and Maintenance Free Oil-free design makes it clean and maintenance free, we guarantee two years or 3000 working hours of free service parts (excluding moisture filter).

Safe and Comfortable Rocker’s family are CE approved, it not only promises safety, but also makes the operator feel comfortable.


Clinical laboratory furnaces constructed to high quality and safety standards and, at economic price. To reduse the energy consumption and to improve lab furnace temperature uniformity ceramic fiber insulation and embedded heating elements is used on top and both the sides of furnaces. It is used for drying, ashing, heat treating ceramics and tiles.

Small Benchtop Muffle Furnace

  • Ceramic fiber insulation permits faster heat-up, reduces energy consumption.
  • Embedded heating element on top and both sides improves temperature uniformity.
  • Drop-down door doubles as a convenient shelf for loading and unloading.
  • All models shipped complete with power cord.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 4 W x 3.8 H x 5.0 D Overall – 9 W x 14 H x 13 D Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 4.7 W x 4.9 H x 5.6 D Overall – 10 W x 14.5 H x 15.8 D Largest Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • High thermal-resistant insulation reduces heat up and recovery times.
  • Conventional firebrick in base provides maximum mechanical strength that supports up to 500 pound loads.
  • Gas spring actuators assist in opening and closing the door.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 24 W x 18 H x 36 D Overall – 42.5 W x 61.0 H x 49.5 D Large Oval Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • Oval-shaped heating element is directly embedded in ceramic fiber insulation for even heat distribution throughout chamber.
  • Built-in venting system removes undesirable contaminants and moisture; extends the life span of the element and unit.
  • All models shipped complete with power cord.
  • Configured in °C.
  • Calibration port located at the rear of chamber allows easy access for calibration.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 11 W x 7.5 H x 11 D Overall – 21.5 W x 14.25 H x 13.75 D Large Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • Heating elements are located on top, bottom and sides of chamber for enhanced temperature uniformity.
  • Triple the usable working area with two supplied accessory refractory shelves.
  • Two built-in vent ports remove undesirable contaminants and moisture; extending the life span of the element and unit.
  • The rear of the chamber incorporates a 0.38″ (0.95 cm) diameter port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices.
  • Critical electronic components and heating elements are protected by a 35 amp circuit breaker.
  • Door safety switch protects operator by removing power to the heating elements upon opening the door.
  • No power cord supplied. Electrical connection requires fixed wiring.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 14 W x 14 H x 14 D Overall – 21.5 W x 29.5 H x 25.5 D

Hot Plate

Most versatile and best selling hot plates are offered here. Safe and economical hot plates, electric hot plates and hot plate stirrers are available here to meet the most rigorous laboratory requirements. Choose from a wide range of stirring configurations and capacities of ceramic hot plates or aluminum tops hot plates.

Student Fixed and Adjustable Temperature Hot Plates

  • To give you lot of heat in a small footprint small and low profile diameter heating surface is combined.
  • To protect controls and counter top from excess heat perforated stainless steel case allows air to circulate.
  • Useful for quick sample testing.
  • Recommended for use with glass vessels.

Model HP15500 Maximum temperature – 399°C (750°F). Thermostatic control is preset at 399°C (750°F) and stainless steel top heats to maximum temperature in just eight minutes.

Model HP2300 Maximum temperature – 371°C (700°F). Thermostatic temperature control provides excellent stability of the top plate temperature and your sample. Hot plate reaches 260°C (500°F) in just 4 1/2 minutes.

Nuova™ Hot Plates

  • nuova hot plate is provided with die cast aluminum for durability and long life.
  • For corrosion resistance Porcelain-coated stainless steel top.
  • In case of spillage topside drip edge is provided to protect internal components.
  • On the most crowded lab bench compact, low profile design fits.
  • All units include an integral ring stand holder to accommodate a 0.5″ (1.3 cm) diameter support rod.
  • Accommodates up to 20 lb. (9.1 kg)loads.
  • Recommended for use with glass vessels only.
  • For excellent stability; ±5.0°C (9°F) at 371°C (700°F)demand-type thermostatic temperature control is provided.
  • The heat to the top gets uniformly transfer by embedded heating elements.
  • Low temperature control – 38°C (100°F) makes the Nuova hot plate the perfect choice for warming applications.

Nuova Porcelain Top Hot Plate Stirrer

  • Nuova porcelain top hot plate stirrer is provided with die cast aluminum case for durability and long life.
  • For excellent corrosion resistance porcelain-coated stainless steel top is provided. o In case of spillage topside drip edge protects internal components.
  • Low profile design conserves bench space. o All units include an integral ring stand holder to accommodate a 0.5″ (1.3 cm) diameter support rod.
  • Accommodates up to 20 lb. (9.1 kg)loads o Recommended for use with glass vessels only.
  • Low temperature control as low as 38°C (100°F) makes the Nuova hot plate the perfect choice for warming.
  • For excellent stability; ±5.0°C (9°F) at 371°C (700°F)demand-type thermostatic temperature control is provided.
  • For supplying uniform temperature across top plate surface embedded heating elements is provided.
  • Excellent slow speed stirring (100 rpm) achieved by turning control knob to speed setting “1”.
  • Strong magnetic coupling ensures that the magnetic stir bar remains locked with drive magnet, even in viscous aqueous solutions.

Multiple Stirring Hot Plates

  • Four and six place units have individual tops and controls.
  • Five and nine place units have a single top plate with individual stir controls.
  • Solid, white ceramic tops heat up fast, remain flat at maximum temperatures and are resistant to acid and alkali.
  • Porcelain-coated stainless steel top plates heat up more slowly, are designed for low temperature applications and are chemically resistant.
  • Aluminum tops heat up quickly and uniformly.
  • Great for low temperature applications.
  • Units are built from durable cast aluminum cases and painted with chemically resistant paint.
  • Five and nine place units hold five 800 ml and nine 400 ml beakers, respectively.
  • Weight limits – 20 lbs. (9.1 kg) on the 10″ x 10″ models and 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) on the 4″ x 4″ models.
  • Not recommended for use with metal vessels.


Clinical laboratory incubators offer temperature ranges and uniformity to meet the needs of most incubator users. Select gravity or mechanical convection incubator, according to your preference.

These lab incubator is compact and economic are perfect for bacterialogical cultures, hematology studies or for drying of stained microscope slides for the clinical or classroom use. Full warranties on our lab Incubators and all other laboratory supplies provide you with complete protection.

Mini Low Cost Lab Incubators

Bench top Laboratory incubators use minimum space, yet provide excellent incubation results.

  • Aluminum lined chamber provides excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Type I42300 and I104025 incubators contain removable perforated floor shelf and middle shelf for easy decontamination.
  • Thermometer port on top of incubator permits temperature monitoring without opening the door.
  • For convenience, lab incubator includes a 12″ (30.5 cm) red, spirt filled thermometer (MEX147,-20° to 110°C), which is accurate to NIST tolerances, three wire cord and a plug.

Low-Temperature/B.O.D. Incubator

B.O.D. Incubator is space-saving low temperature incubator. It is preferred for small volume workloads. Easy-to-clean chamber is fully insulated for efficient temperature transfer, and corrosion-resistant to ensure a long, useful life.

The most reproducible test conditions is ensured by gentle forced air circulation. Chamber air is gently and continuously circulated at a rate that ensures temperature uniformity of all test samples. The 1 Amp interior outlet allows use of stirrers, shakers, roller bottles, or other apparatus.

  • Microprocessor control.
  • CFC-free refrigerant.
  • Digital display of temperature.
  • Easy keypad set and calibration.
  • Safety high/low-limit thermostat.
  • Over/under counter.
  • Gentle forced air circulation.
  • Interior electrical outlet.

Low-Temperature Incubator

Low-Temperature Incubator is specifically designed for Biological Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) determination and other applications requiring large capacities, a broad temperature range, and precise temperature control and uniformity. Mechanical convection incubator features top-mounted microprocessor controls, push-button programming, output for remote alarm light/horn, rear access port, built-in high/low temperature protection, digital temperature display,fully gasketed door with key lock, and output jacks for datalogging.

Chamber interior is equipped with three 68.6W x 44.5D cm (27 x 171/2″) top shelves, three 68.6W x 38.1D cm (27 x 15″) bottom shelves, and six 61W x 12.7D cm (24 x 5″) door shelves.

  • Epoxy powder-coated exterior.
  • Supplied with a standard power cord.
  • UL listed.

Economy Laboratory Incubators

Economy laboratory incubators is ideal for routine lab incubations of small work loads. Economical, low-watt density strip heaters supply efficient heating.

To minimize heat loss and hold temperature within the chamber uniform to ±0.5° @ 37°C. stainless steel chamber is insulated with 5.1 cm (2″) of industrial fiberglass. Temperature range is 5° above ambient to 70°C, regulated by a hydraulic temperature controller. Laboratory incubator door is tightly sealed by a 1.27 cm (1/2″) silicone gasket. Glossy white interior for easy contamination detection.

Unit includes pilot light, temperature selection dial, three-prong cord and glass thermometer. Supplied with two shelves which are adjustable at 1.27 cm (1/2″) increments.

  • Operates on 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz.
  • CSA approved.
  • UL and CUL listed.
  • CE marked.
  • Uniformity of ±0.5°@ 37°C.
  • Flat perforated stainless steel shelves.

Anaerobic Chambers Laboratory Incubator

Anaerobic Chambers Laboratory Incubator, is preferred for beverage, food, and environmental applications. To maintain temperature it features a unique contact heating system and wrap-around insulation. Tempered safety-glass window is floated, providing a tight seal to the silicone rubber door gasket.

For easy installation and operation the 9.5mm (3/8″) vacuum valve and 6.4mm (1/4″) vent and gas valve are conveniently located on top of the control panel. Anaerobic chamber features a positive door latch, two fixed aluminum shelves and powder-coat paint exterior. Supplied with three-wire cord/plug and glass thermometer, plus one silica and cartridge of catalyst.

  • Unique contact heating system.
  • True vacuum and vent/gas valves.
  • Removable chamber gasket.
  • Tempered safety glass window.


Several styles and models of clinical laboratory ovens are available. The most commonly used ovens in the materials testing industry are ecocell, durocell, venticell, stericell, and vacucell.


Ecocell is highly cost-effective heating oven series for simple drying processes. The Ecocell-line produces no noise and provides a very soft air convection within the chamber.


Durocell with highly resistant for special – purpose drying ovens. Epolon-coating, helps to protect the internal chamber of aggressive substances like acids or alkaline liquids. Durocell device ensures temperature equalisation. It is ideal for acid and basic hydrolysis, extraction of non-inflammable materials and decomposition of substances in solid phase.


The air in venticell-chamber is ventilated regular spiral way due to a patented ventilation system. This leads to a homogenous temperature profile throughout the chamber and short heating times. Operating economy is ensured by higher rate and precision of heating in laboratories. Especially suitable for very moist goods. Stericell

For sterilizing, heating or drying purposes. Due to a patented ventilation system the air within the Stericell-chamber is ventilated in a regular spiral way. This leads to homogenous temperature profile throughout the chamber short heating times. A safe process is guaranteed by automatic supervision of the door closing status and a special sterilization program.


Temperature sensitive, easy decomposable or oxidative materials can be dried very tenderly with Vacucell vacuum drying ovens, with extrusion of air by inert gas. Also complicated components with accessible hollow spaces are drying quick and effectively in Vacucell ovens.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

Wheelchairs, transport wheel chairs, aluminum transport chair, large wheel transport chair, tracer EX standard wheelchair and scooters are available in a wide range of standard and custom styles. If you are looking for wheelchairs and scooters, please feel free to contact us.

Go Kart Transport Chair

Go kart transport chair is useful for transporting to shopping chrome plated steel frame. Weighs only 25 lbs. without footrests Folds to 10″ wide without footrests, 27 1/2″ high and 23 1/2″ long Wheel locks on rear wheels Swingaway detachable footrests Comes with seat belt for added safety 18 3/4 seat height Available in 17″ or 19″ seat width 300 lb. weight capacity Swing away removable footrests Elevating legrests available separately.

Wrangler Economy Transport Chair

The wrangler economy transport chair is available in a blue vein frame, black upholstery and weighs only 26 lbs. Carbon steel frame in blue vein color. Handles fold down for easy storage and transport. Comes with swing away footrests. Comes with a seat belt for added safety. Limited lifetime warranty.



  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat Height: 19″.
  • Seat Width: available in 17” or 19″.
  • Seat Depth: 16″.
  • Back Height: 18″.
  • Overall Width Open: 20″ on the 17″ model; 22″ on the 19″ model.
  • Overall Width Closed: 9″ Overall Height: 38″.

  Aluminum Transport Chair

Aluminum transport chair is lightweight transport chair weighs only 19 lbs. For lightweight strength and durability aluminum frame is used. Composite wheels are lightweight and maintenance free. This chair handles fold down for easy storage which can be also useful for the travelers. For extra safety seat belt is added 300 lb. weight capacity. 19″ seat width.

Large Wheel Transport Chair

Large 12 1/2″ rear pneumatic wheels are ideal for outdoor use. Convenient loop brakes and seat belt provide additional safety. Carbon steel frame with double coated chrome. Swing away footrests with plastic footplates. Swingaway elevating legrests are available separately. Handles fold down for easy storage and tranport. Weighs only 36 lbs. 300 lb. weight capacity.