Clinical laboratory furnaces constructed to high quality and safety standards and, at economic price. To reduse the energy consumption and to improve lab furnace temperature uniformity ceramic fiber insulation and embedded heating elements is used on top and both the sides of furnaces. It is used for drying, ashing, heat treating ceramics and tiles.

Small Benchtop Muffle Furnace

  • Ceramic fiber insulation permits faster heat-up, reduces energy consumption.
  • Embedded heating element on top and both sides improves temperature uniformity.
  • Drop-down door doubles as a convenient shelf for loading and unloading.
  • All models shipped complete with power cord.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 4 W x 3.8 H x 5.0 D Overall – 9 W x 14 H x 13 D Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 4.7 W x 4.9 H x 5.6 D Overall – 10 W x 14.5 H x 15.8 D Largest Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • High thermal-resistant insulation reduces heat up and recovery times.
  • Conventional firebrick in base provides maximum mechanical strength that supports up to 500 pound loads.
  • Gas spring actuators assist in opening and closing the door.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 24 W x 18 H x 36 D Overall – 42.5 W x 61.0 H x 49.5 D Large Oval Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • Oval-shaped heating element is directly embedded in ceramic fiber insulation for even heat distribution throughout chamber.
  • Built-in venting system removes undesirable contaminants and moisture; extends the life span of the element and unit.
  • All models shipped complete with power cord.
  • Configured in °C.
  • Calibration port located at the rear of chamber allows easy access for calibration.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 11 W x 7.5 H x 11 D Overall – 21.5 W x 14.25 H x 13.75 D Large Chamber Muffle Furnace

  • Heating elements are located on top, bottom and sides of chamber for enhanced temperature uniformity.
  • Triple the usable working area with two supplied accessory refractory shelves.
  • Two built-in vent ports remove undesirable contaminants and moisture; extending the life span of the element and unit.
  • The rear of the chamber incorporates a 0.38″ (0.95 cm) diameter port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices.
  • Critical electronic components and heating elements are protected by a 35 amp circuit breaker.
  • Door safety switch protects operator by removing power to the heating elements upon opening the door.
  • No power cord supplied. Electrical connection requires fixed wiring.

Dimensions (inches) Chamber – 14 W x 14 H x 14 D Overall – 21.5 W x 29.5 H x 25.5 D

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