Several styles and models of clinical laboratory ovens are available. The most commonly used ovens in the materials testing industry are ecocell, durocell, venticell, stericell, and vacucell.


Ecocell is highly cost-effective heating oven series for simple drying processes. The Ecocell-line produces no noise and provides a very soft air convection within the chamber.


Durocell with highly resistant for special – purpose drying ovens. Epolon-coating, helps to protect the internal chamber of aggressive substances like acids or alkaline liquids. Durocell device ensures temperature equalisation. It is ideal for acid and basic hydrolysis, extraction of non-inflammable materials and decomposition of substances in solid phase.


The air in venticell-chamber is ventilated regular spiral way due to a patented ventilation system. This leads to a homogenous temperature profile throughout the chamber and short heating times. Operating economy is ensured by higher rate and precision of heating in laboratories. Especially suitable for very moist goods. Stericell

For sterilizing, heating or drying purposes. Due to a patented ventilation system the air within the Stericell-chamber is ventilated in a regular spiral way. This leads to homogenous temperature profile throughout the chamber short heating times. A safe process is guaranteed by automatic supervision of the door closing status and a special sterilization program.


Temperature sensitive, easy decomposable or oxidative materials can be dried very tenderly with Vacucell vacuum drying ovens, with extrusion of air by inert gas. Also complicated components with accessible hollow spaces are drying quick and effectively in Vacucell ovens.

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