Health care equipment offers quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications. May be used for filtration, degassing, distillation, free air displacement and any other requirements where vacuum or positive pressure needs call for pumps of high quality. Exceptionally durable for continuous or intermitent use, these pumps serve a variety of needs.

Vacuum Pumps, Single Stage DUOSEAL Belt-Driven, Welch

Pumps are ideal for continuous-duty applications, including vacuum distillations, glove box transfer chamber, residue solvent removal, and resin degassing. They feature thermal overload protection standard and operate at a low rpm which allows them to reach a low ultimate pressure (0.02 mm Hg). Operating at low speed also reduces the rate of friction and wear on pump components which ensures a long service life.

Vacuum Pumps, RV Dual-Mode, Direct Drive, BOC Edwards

These quiet, double stage vacuum pumps are designed to provide both high throughput and low ultimate vacuum. Dual-mode action allows user to easily configure the unit to pump a very high gas load or achieve an excellent vacuum, all from a single pump.

Features include a cartridge-based pumping mechanism incorporating advanced new materials, fully featured Edwards motor, and fast acting inlet valve to seal the pump for suck-back protection. Controls are clearly marked and have easy-to-use large finger grips. On/off switch controls pump. Inlet/oulet connections are NW25.

Units feature special dual voltage, dual frequency motor with an IEC main input socket. Shaft seal can be changed or repositioned without dismantling the pump. Motor voltage is determined by simple rocker switch, enabling pump to be easily configured for international use. For 115V, 50/60Hz operation.

Vacuum Pressure Pump, Gast

This readily mounted unit produces steady, quiet, pulseless air delivery. It delivers 20 psi of pressure for intermittent service alternately and 15 psi pressure for continuous service alternately.

The pump rotor is mounted on the motor shaft. Composition vanes take up their own wear automatically. Self-adjusting shaft seals prevent oil leakage. The motor is a 1/6hp split phase, with internal thermal protector, ball bearing-type. Pump is single phase, with automatic overload protection.

Vacuum Pressure Pump

This vacuum has an oil-less diaphragm pump. The motor is a single phase 1/8 hp shaded pole, ball bearing type, with internal thermal protector.

Oil-free Vacuum Pump Rocker 300/500

These Pumps are undoubtedly the BEST VALUE offered in the USA and are backed by a two-year warranty.

Quiet and Low Vibration Directly motor driven without transmission mechanism and quality rubber feet keep noise level only 48.7~60dB, which is the lowest among equivalent products.

Compact and Light Weight Aluminum die-cast and precise construction make Rocker’s family small and compact. Net/Gross Weight: 4.1/5.1kg.

Clean and Maintenance Free Oil-free design makes it clean and maintenance free, we guarantee two years or 3000 working hours of free service parts (excluding moisture filter).

Safe and Comfortable Rocker’s family are CE approved, it not only promises safety, but also makes the operator feel comfortable.

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